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DrugSmart Pharmacy Group, or DSPG, is designed to provide knowledge, insights, tools, and efficiencies to pharmacy owners. We’re focused on empowering all pharmacy owners to thrive.

We offer more than your typical banner or franchise program. Providing the tools to help a pharmacy build revenue is only part of the solution. Owners & managers also struggle in tracking the metrics to understand if the plan is delivering results. We have the unique ability to see opportunities that others overlook and build them to scale.

    Benefits of joining DSPG

    We have long-standing industry relationships with vendors resulting in pricing that is better than market. With over 40 years of industry knowledge and a proven ability to foster relationships with community physicians, providers, and collaborators, we guarantee you'll love the results of our program.

    Revenue Generating Programs

    • Marketing, branding, and advertising
    • Data collection
    • Travel health and vaccines
    • Specialized compounding
    • SmartPack program leveraging compliance packaging and automated refills
    • #BeDrugSmart clinical programs including but not limited to: smoking cessation, minor aliments, chronic disease management, and pharmacogenomics
    • Act as a DrugSmart "hub" and gain access to existing partnerships and initiatives

    Management Support

    • Formulary compliance (auto-sub program, reporting)
    • SOPs
    • HR (e.g. employment agreement templates, employee health benefits program)
    • Finance (e.g. bookkeeping, reporting)
    • Succession planning

    Business Analysis & Intelligence

    • Rx & Front Shop margin analysis
    • Labour productivity
    • Monthly newsletter

    Expense Line Reductions

    • Preferred wholesaler program with net-up charge larger corporate offerings
    • Vendor discounts on common pharmacy supplies, Central fill for compliance packaging 

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